CO2 Fire Suppression Nozzle from JHF

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John Henry Foster, St. Louis engineers helped our customers, Reinhardt Electric and Ameren, develop a custom, state-of-the-art, fire suppression nozzle.

The Challenge: Ameren approached Reinhardt Electric about a concept for a liquid CO2 fire nozzle. The nozzle needed to be capable of extinguishing underground, concrete, electrical box fires and arch flashing (without reactionary force that would blow the nozzle out of the lid) to eliminate the catastrophic loss of wiring and power to their customers.

The Solution: A precisely designed liquid CO2 fire nozzle capable of injecting 300 lbs of liquid CO2 into the underground electrical box in less than 90 seconds. This reduces the oxygen level below 7% and extinguishes arch flashes- allowing Ameren to turn off power to the specific box before all wiring is lost. Once the fire is out and the power is disconnected, they simply use a fan to blow air into the hole and the injected CO2 that has formed into dry ice, evaporates.

The Result: Ameren saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in wiring and clean-up (per occurrence), decreases hassle to customers, and eliminates potential on-the-job safety concerns regarding the underground, concrete electrical boxes.

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