JHF Custom HPU Doubles Press Productivity

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A great JHF Customer approached us with an opportunity to design and build a new hydraulic system as part of a press retrofit for their end customer. The overall goal of the project was to increase production on an existing forming press.


JHF designed and built a custom hydraulic power unit to speed up the machine. A new accumulation and high flow proportional control circuit was used to provide dramatic speed improvements, and a Rexroth horsepower limiting controller was utilized to ensure that the unit could deliver the additional flow without overloading the existing site’s electrical system- making the retrofit much easier and more economical to install. An integrated press safety circuit was also designed into the custom manifold to provide peace of mind to the end-user.

JHF’s customer provided the custom controls and integration to make this a custom hydraulic power unit a turn-key solution for the end customer.


The new power unit and controls increased the press cycle times by 70-140%, effectively doubling the production of the press. Compared to purchasing a new press with comparable capabilities, the retrofit package provides the same result for 1/3rd the total price.

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Custom Hydraulic Power Unit