Automatic Tool Changing Cobot

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To help maximize welding and grinding efficiency and ensure a safe tool changing process Melton Machine, along with John Henry Foster engineers, and Destaco created an automatic tool changing system designed to allow for multiple tools with one robot. This solution, utlizing Destaco's automatic tool changers and engineered tool stands from JHF, is fully-customizable for any application in any industry.

Destaco Automatic Tool Changers

Destaco QC/TP Automatic Tool Changer systems are perfect for multi-tool applications where only one robot will be used. These flexible, modular systems allow tools with many utilities to be quickly released pneumatically and securely locked in place with a heavy-duty, failsafe locking system. The Tool Changer maximizes reliability with a high-cycle locking system and a lifetime warranty.

    Supported utilities include, I/O air, water, weld power, servo power, vacuum lines, and other fluid lines.

Robotic Tool Stands (JHF Engineered Products):

  • JHF modular robot tool stands are built to provide repeatable tool docking locations for reliable automatic operations.
  • Inductive tool presence sensors from Contrinex provide an extra layer of verification and reliability.
  • Designed to be easy to customize for any application.

See this machine in action at FABTECH!! Booth B15038 (Melton Machine).

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