Compressed Air Assessment Saves Energy and Money

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Control Devices, LLC, a leading provider in specialty valve and flow control devices (and another great customer of John Henry Foster, St. Louis), uses an older EP-150 rotary compressor on their production line. The air compressor utilized a bolt-on VFD (variable frequency drive) in an effort to vary the flow being sent out to the plant.

At the suggestion of their JHF sales and technical advisor, Control Devices completed an Intellisurvey- a compressed air assessment- to determine how much the compressor and VFD were costing them...and potential savings opportunities as a result of removing the VFD and also, potentially replacing the compressor.


Based on a thorough compressed air audit - completed by JHF's compressed air team- and the Intellisurvey results, it was determined that removing the VFD- which had gone bad- would result in savings of approximately $10,000-$15,000, annually. The VFD was removed in 2019 and a new VFD compressor was installed.


In 2020, Control Devices verified the projected annual savings. They saved over $12,000 over the course of the following year AND received Ameren incentives for making the energy-saving change.

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