Heavy Lifting

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At JHF-St. Louis, partnering with manufacturers and suppliers to solve new challenges, is our passion and our mission. A recent project we completed caught the attention of a well-known industrial publication - Control Design.

Green Valley Manufacturing, in Mt. Zion, Illinois, specializes in mold and die handling equipment- primarily highly customized. Designing carts capable of heavy-lifting and precise maneuverability is their wheelhouse, especially for the automotive industry. However, a recent project brought with it more complex customer demands and the need for a more innovative design. Green Valley soon realized they were "limited by their existing programming environment and hardware."

Enter John Henry Foster, St. Louis.

Having worked with Green Valley in the past, John Henry Foster quickly decided to partner with Delta Motion, our long-standing partner and leader in motion and control, and devised a solution.

In short, the cart design needed to have the ability to turn on a dime, lift over 70,000 lbs, crab-walk through the facility- maneuvering tight spaces and avoiding any obstacles in its way. Together, Delta Motion, Green Valley, and John Henry Foster- Stl came up with a successful design. The cart was successfully brought to life and the project was a success. Watch it in action, here.

To share the success story, John Henry Foster's engineer- Mike Birschbach, along with the sales engineer- Mark Certa and the team at Delta Motion, wrote an article to submit to Control Design. The article (read here), was not only included in the publication but was featured as the cover story.

At John Henry Foster, we're proud of our ability to solve problems. Utilizing our own talent... and the talent of our trusted partners, we are able to achieve what some might consider, the impossible.