JHF and BHS, Inc. Provide Custom Tilt Table for Knapheide Manufacturing

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Knapheide Manufacturing Co.- a long-time customer of John Henry Foster- located in Quincy, Il, has been producing work-ready vehicle solutions since 1848. They have established themselves as the industry leader in the utility truck bed market, and they excel in creating custom solutions for many sectors of the work-vehicle industry.

Recently, Knapheide decided to expand their Quincy, Illinois based manufacturing operations with a high-cycle manufacturing line. Based on their past success with John Henry Foster, St. Louis and BHS, Inc., they knew exactly who could help.

To improve their productivity, Knapheide required improved (from previous prototyped tilt tables, created by BHS, Inc.) Tilt Tables- capable of handling utility truck bed compartments, tilting them 90° so workers can safely access the underside.

Click here to read the case study and learn more about how JHF, St. Louis and BHS, Inc. were able to help Knapheide Manufacturing Co.