Senior Mechanical Design Engineer in St. Louis, Missouri

We are looking for a skilled and knowledgeable Mechanical Design Engineer to join our team!

    Job Description
  • Meet with JHF sales and our customers to analyze and understand customer needs and requirements.
  • Determine which projects to pursue and accept, given our in-house capabilities and resources.
  • Design machine functionality to address or improve the customer process within provided budget.
  • Determine and develop preliminary design, review with engineering manager and sales, and get sign-off from customer.
  • Determine cost of a mechanical system, including labor, and work with other departments to consolidate total project solution and costs.
  • Develop 3D models using SolidWorks.
  • Create bill of materials and build instructions.
  • Responsible for final approval of mechanical design.
  • Develop final project proposal and provide to engineering manager and sales for review and determination of final sell price.
  • Assist with and direct machine builds/assembly.
  • Occasionally start-up mechanical system and ensure full functionality at customers’ facilities.
  • Prepare as-built documents for distribution to customer’s engineering staff and JHF repository.

    Job Description
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and/or other specialized degree in Engineering Sciences as it relates to company products. Minimum of five years related experience to gain sufficient knowledge to perform the requirements of the position.
  • Excellent communication skills, both in written and oral
  • Read and interpret documents

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