Workplace Safety

Any moving machine parts have the potential to cause catastrophic injury so safeguarding your employees and your machinery is vital. With a variety of machine safety solutions- from access control barriers to safety switches- John Henry Foster will help you protect your equipment and your most important asset- your people.

Machine Guarding

With the help of Bosch Rexroth Extruded Aluminum, we can design a wide-range of options for creating physical enclosures, guards, and barriers to protect your equipment and your workers.

Bosch Rexroth Modular Profile System

Over 100 different profile cross-sections:

  • Square and rectangular profiles
  • Light profiles with optimized cross-sections
  • Round profiles and profiles with smooth lateral surfaces
  • 6 different profile ranges
  • Same slot dimensions and spacing to ensure perfect coordination
  • Profile Connectors — 180°, 90°, 45° Kits
  • Joining Plates — T-Junction, Rectangular, Corner
  • Fasteners
  • T-Nuts, T-Bolt Fastening Kits
  • Mounting Strips
  • T-Blocks and Springs
  • T-Bars & Swivel-In T-Bars
  • Anchor Strips
  • Quick-Lock Sheet
  • Material Fasteners
  • EcoSafe™ Guarding System

Safety Switches, Sensors, Timers, & Relays

In industrial settings, automation components such as safety switches, scanners, sensors, timers, and relays are essential to keeping a workplace free from danger. We’ll help ensure you have the right safety products to keep your facility efficient and accident-free.

Safety Switches

  • Panasonic Safety Switches
  • Ultra-slim Safety Door Switch SG-A1
    • (with solenoid interlock SG-B1)
  • Safety Door Switch with Key SG-B2
  • Key Selector Switch SG-D1
  • Enable Grip Switch SG-C1
  • Emergency Stop Switch SG-E1
  • Optical Touch Switch SW-100
  • Norstat Safety Switches
  • Plastic Body, Solenoid Locking
  • Metal Body, Solenoid Locking, with RFID
  • Hinged Safety Switches
  • Rope Pull w/ Reset, w/o Reset, Accessories

Laser Scanners

  • Datalogic Area Scanner
  • Laser Sentinel
  • Configurable safety and warning areas
  • Can be installed on vehicles to guarantee the safety of operators

Safety Relays, Sensors and Accessories

  • Datalogic Safety Relay
  • SE-SR2, Category 4 safety unit
  • SG BWS safety controllers
  • CS -ME, Interface with integrated force guided relays
  • SAFEMASTER C, Multifunctional
  • SAFEMASTER M, Configurable
  • SAFEMASTER W, Wireless
  • SAFEMASTER S, Speed monitors
  • Panasonic Compact Type 4
  • Safety Beam Sensor ST4
  • Panasonic Safety Liquid Leak Sensor [Control Category 4 PLe SIL3] SQ4

Safety Light Curtains, Mats, & Valves

With today’s innovative automation processes, traditional safety solutions sometimes aren’t enough to keep your employees safe. Our comprehensive safety solutions include, versatile light curtains, mats with surface switches and sensors, and lockout valves help protect your people from dangerous moving machinery and keep workstations safe.

Safety Light Curtains

  • Datalogic Light Curtains
  • SG2/SG4 Base Light Curtain – Controlled heights from 150 to 1800 mm (n x 150 mm);
  • Pres. 9/19m; Safety Type 2
  • (Pl=d, SIL2); Safety Type 4
  • (Pl=e, SIL3)
  • SG4 Extended Light Curtain Controlled heights from 300 to 1800 mm (n x 150 mm)
  • Programmable Safety
  • Light Curtain Type 4
  • (Pl=e, SIL3)
  • SG Body Compact Light Curtain
  • Controlled heights 500, 800, 900, 1200 mm; Long operating distance up to 50 m
  • Panasonic Light Curtains
  • SF4D Light Curtain – Long mode operating range up to 15 m, Short mode operating range up to 9 m

Safety Mats

  • l Bircher Safety Mats
  • ESM-52/54 – standard shapes
  • ESM-57 – special shapes – Produced in size, shape and with the required surface
  • Forklift mats
  • Sensor mat for presence detection, vehicle is stopped if driver leaves the standing mat.
  • ES-Button flat button – Easily actuated by hand, foot, arm

Lockout Valves

  • FESTO Lockout Valve, Type HE-…-LO
  • 3/2-way in-line Multi-Range, Star-Delta, Off-Delay, Twin Timers, Multi-range
  • Tamper-resistant scissor-style steel lockout hasp allows for lockout by up to 6 workers

Quick Exhaust Valves

  • FESTO Soft-Start/Quick Exhaust Category 2, 3, 4
  • MS6-SV-E
  • MS6-SV-C
  • MS9-SV-C

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