Engineered Linear Motion Systems

Whether your operation requires precise positioning accuracy, miniature motion, extended travels or high-load carrying, we can help. We’ll work with you to understand your application and help you select the right products. For linear motion processes that require a unique design, we offer custom solutions designed and manufactured by our dedicated engineers. With high-quality products from only industry-respected manufacturers and over 100 years of engineering expertise, we have the perfect linear motion solution for your specific needs.

What Can We Help You With?

  • Linear Motion Systems
  • Profiled Rail Systems
  • Linear Bushings and Shafts
  • Screw Assemblies
  • Multi-Axis Handling Systems
  • Rotary Encoders

Smooth, Precise, Quiet Movement

For any application- in any industry, linear guides create precise, effortless movement throughout any operation. John Henry Foster offers the largest selection of ready-to-ship, Bosch Rexroth linear motion components and systems to help you improve any process. For more complex applications, we have a dedicated design team- ready to partner with you, to meet any specifications.

See it in Action, Here!