Safe Skyscraper Window Washing Made Possible by JHF Custom Aluminum Solution

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Clear Horizon, a unique customer of John Henry Foster- St. Louis, was in need of a lightweight structural add-on to their existing window-washing scaffolding structure. The add-on required durability requirements to withstand a variety of environments and heights- including skyscraper building structures.


Our design engineers and sales teams collaborated with the customer to research, design, and build a completely anodized aluminum (with all-aluminum/stainless bracketry) bolt-on kit that provides a lightweight and completely weatherproof design. The kit was built using quality products from Festo, TSLOTS, and Freelin Wade.


JHF was able to help Clear Horizon design the most critical piece of their application- the structural component that allows them to mount/operate their automated skyscraper brush/washing system. This was a fairly simple, new design for an important process in Clear Horizon's operation that will now be used worldwide.

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