JHF Integrates Controls and Hydraulics for Maximum Press Productivity

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A long-time JHF customer, Hubbell Power Systems, approached us with an opportunity to build a stamping press. Stamping letter/number characters into bar stock steel. The units they had previously were not making a good stamp, were consistently breaking, and were causing quality and production issues. While JHF is fully capable of the hydraulic and controls side of this task, we needed a partner to make the c-frame press. Another long time customer, Tool Tech, was willing and able to provide the press frame.


Together, we designed and manufactured an 85-ton press, with variable pressure control( 60-85 tons). This was a complete, turn-key solution delivered to Hubbell. Our hydraulic and controls team integrated an articulated HMI screen of operator interface as well as beefy construction to handle the tonnage. We did a prototype runoff with Hubbell personnel on-site at JHF and the press exceeded their expectation. Due to the success, they ordered 5 more complete units.


JHF coordinated a multi-department project- with both internal and external (vendor) cooperation. The scope documentation clearly defined responsibilities, expectations, and exclusions and resulted in a reliable stamping press - with variable tonnage allowing Hubbell to move from one department to the next, and stamp different material as production varies.

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