Proactive Compressed Air Maintenance Makes Downtime a Rarity

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The JHF compressed air team has been supporting our loyal customer- a recycling plant- since 2018. This plant removes the corrosive lead from common car and forklift batteries and processes it into new lead for new batteries, ammunition, and other commodity products. Since 2018, our service relationship - regarding their compressed air equipment was primarily reactive- occurring only quarterly. The aging equipment and quarterly, scheduled inspections, resulted in our service team being called in weekly for emergency break-fix calls.

The locations of compressed air equipment throughout the facility are illustrated in the image below.


At the recommendation of our compressed air team and with support from our audit team, field support, and our inside support, our customer agreed to increase equipment inspections and preventative maintenance from a quarterly basis to a more proactive, monthly basis. Additionally, we are providing hands-on training and solutions placement, where appropriate.


A proactive, hands-on service approach allows us to help our customer reach their goal of reducing equipment downtime. Prior to the new arrangement, weekly emergency break-fix calls created unnecessary interruptions in production. Thanks to the new approach the break-fix calls are now a rarity!

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