Compressed Air Solutions- Simplified.

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A local engineering firm- who specializes in the minerals industry- was asked to help implement a new process at their customer's facility. The new process called for a dedicated compressed air source that required multiple pieces of equipment and multiple air and electrical connections. To simplify the design, the firm called on John Henry Foster.


Working with the engineering firm, JHF was able to provide a simplified solution that met the needs of the customer and saved time, money, and space in the facility. Using our capabilities and expertise in compressed air , electrical system design, and fabrication, we created a single skid to house the equipment- with one air connection and one 480V electrical connection. Due to the application's environment, the entire system was built to withstand extreme conditions- including modifications to allow for low ambient and outdoor conditions and heat-taped air pipe and condensate lines to prevent freezing.

The complete system operates via a custom control panel- designed and built by JHF's Controls team.


The single skid saved the design firm significant time and money from several aspects. Eliminating multiple pieces of equipment reduced mechanical and electrical design time and the effort and time needed to create drawings for the individual components. The simplified design also resulted in decreased installation time and money for mechanical and electrical contractors, and less time and money managing and receiving on individual components. The customer was able to hit the “easy button” by having JHF provide one simple solution.

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