JHF Proud to Support Customers & Covid-19 Vaccination Efforts

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Distribution and storage of the Covid-19 vaccinations have posed major logistical challenges in the battle against the virus. The vaccinations must be packed in dry ice during transportation, and for distributors who don’t have ultra-low-temperature freezers, dry ice can also be used to maintain vaccine integrity for up to 30 days after delivery.

Mohler Material Handling had a customer reach out to them with a need to improve the ergonomics of their dry ice workflow.


Utilizing conveyors from Mohler Material Handling, with aluminum framing and pneumatics from JHF, our team built a simple solution for this problem. The bin tipper smoothly conveys and rotates 140 lb. dry ice tubs.


We are proud of these simple machines and the support they offer to behind-the-scenes workers who are making Covid-19 vaccination a reality. Ergonomic equipment makes their jobs less strenuous and protects them from injury, and we would love to create more solutions to help!

Click here to learn more about the distribution of the virus from Pfizer.

Built with products from Dorner Mfg. Corp, Bosch Rexroth, and IMI Precision Engineering