Happy 80th Birthday, Mr Gau!

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Click here for a short video tribute to Mr. Bob Gau

Bob Gau's vision for the John Henry Foster Company of St. Louis has given us all a solid path to success. This year, on July 11th, 2019, our former CEO and President, turns 80. Throughout his life- from his humble beginnings as one of the few salesmen for the JHF Co. to his retirement, and even today, Bob has created a legacy.

Upon taking over the John Henry Foster Company from our namesake, he and his wife, Kathy Gau, instituted an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) for their employees. They did this to show their appreciation to the dedicated people who made JHF a continued success. It was also a way to give back because in their words, "We know we can't do this alone...we need the help of everyone in this company."

During his years as President/CEO of JHF, Bob developed close relationships with everyone he worked with. Even today, I hear new stories of how he made someone feel like family or helped them in hard times. From giving to those less fortunate around the holidays to having heart-to-heart conversations with his peers, Bob always seemed to leave a profound impact on everyone who knew him.

Today, with his son, Rich Gau leading the charge, Bob has been able to pass the baton of responsibility. While he's enjoying the retired life, he still finds time to visit the office and warehouse, continuing to show his appreciation for everyone working towards our success.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Gau. We hope you know you are and always have been a treasure to this organization. Your reputation in this industry precedes you and your legacy will live on in everyone who has the pleasure of working for this great company. We wish you abundant blessings of joy, love, peace, and health in your 80th year!