Need to Move 70,000lbs with Precision? JHF Hydraulic and Electrical Engineers Make it Happen

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John Henry Foster worked closely with Delta Motion and the engineers at Green Valley Manufacturing- a leader in mold and die handling equipment- to design a complex, hydraulic controls system for a 70,000lb capacity mold cart.

The Challenge: Green Valley's customer- a supplier of large automobile components, had a requirement for a 70,000lb capacity mold handling cart. Their application involved pulling molds off of a machine and transporting them throughout their facility for maintenance and storage. With space limitations- including the height and width of pathways, it was imperative to have a heavy load-bearing cart with a space-conscious footprint, capable of precise movement and control.

The Solution: Green Valley Manufacturing partnered with Delta Motion and John Henry Foster company to engineer and integrate drives and controls for their mold-transporting cart to meet its customers' exact needs. Using a 12-axis Delta Motion controller, (8)servo-hydraulic valves, (4) hydraulic TRD lift cylinders, hydraulic motors, and a number of other, various valves and cylinders from John Henry Foster Company of St. Louis, they designed a high-quality electric and hydraulic controls system to control the movement of the cart. Precise programming by John Henry Foster allows for several modes of steering and drive wheel spins and angles. A critically placed and mounted power unit and valve stacks are inside the cart to decrease the footprint.

The End Result: a 70,000lb capacity mold cart that was capable of precise, controlled movement and maneuverability-throughout the facility, and a very satisfied end-user.

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