October is ESOP Month!

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Every October, the John Henry Foster Company celebrates Employee Ownership Month. This is a terrific opportunity to celebrate and recognize employee ownership, and an invaluable opportunity to educate employee-owners, and the general public about the benefits of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

JHF's ESOP was established in 1985- one year after Bob and Kathy Gau purchased the company from John Henry, himself. The purpose of the ESOP was two-fold: as a reward and incentive program for employees to help grow the business and to ensure the future of the company as a family business with family principles, morals, and values.

To celebrate the month and our joint dedication to excellence, the employee-owners are invited to partake in daily activities and fun events such as chili cook-offs, massages, employee interviews and a variety of contests with prizes.

To learn more about ESOPs and the benefits and rewards of an employee stock ownership plan, follow this link to read the ESOP Association's Blog. Read more, here.