Saving Energy is the Game, John Henry Foster is the Name!

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Compressed air is one of the most expensive utilities in any industrial facility. When you consider that each kW of compressed air is between 7-8 times more expensive than a kW of electricity, you understand why it accounts for almost 40% of your energy consumption. AND! In most facilities, over HALF of it is WASTED!

Enter John Henry Foster's Compressed Air Efficiency Team...

Our compressed air team is passionate about and dedicated to compressed air energy management. More specifically, SAVING YOU MONEY! That’s why, together with Ameren, we work with you to make sure you’re compressed air is working for you.

Ameren’s ActOnEnergy program offers incentives and rebates to facilities who implement energy saving projects. The energy company relies on partners such as John Henry Foster to help our customers realize those savings and incentives.

This year, our team took home Ameren’s award for “Most Outstanding Compressed Air Trade Ally” in Illinois, for compressed air efficiency projects in 2017. Our team completed projects that reduced energy use by an impressive 941,571 kilowatt-hours!

Program Allies of the Year are leaders in helping Ameren Illinois customers achieve exemplary energy savings — boosting the customer's bottom line and making a positive impact on the environment.  JHF has been a Program Ally of the year, every year, since 2012 (the start of the program).

To date, John Henry Foster has helped our customers in Illinois and Missouri receive over $9.8 million in incentives and have achieved energy savings of over 190,000,000 kWh.

Listen to what one of our valued customers, Mark with Silgan Plastics, has to say about his experience with John Henry Foster and our compressed air efficiency team.

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